Day by Day: Week 4

Morning coffee + breakfast burrito. Sunshine shoes. Colors from the garden. Dusty. Visiting chicken. Gentle chicken. Jewels! Simple baby kale salad with smoked gouda. Packing lunch at night. Vegan molasses cookies. College memories. Stripes + striped socks. Prep for striped noodle 10’s group making. A sweet soul spurs many on. Weather fluctuations. Smog checks + … Continue reading Day by Day: Week 4

Day by Day: Week 3

Little people, big hearts. I made a pepperoni pizza smiley face to make you happy, she said. I say, YOU make me happy! Lunch. Baby kale, shaved carrots, sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese, avocado + oregano olive oil. Hazelnut happy crunchiness. crunch crunch. After work chai + chia. Grocery list generating. Smiles on heart + … Continue reading Day by Day: Week 3

Day by Day: Week 2

Intentionally seeking to hear His voice and growing to have the courage to obey. Coffee and sweets with an old and precious friend. Favorite ice cream place after the first day back at work, post-Holidays. Brown sugar vanilla bean + espresso. Happy hearts, happy bellies, happy place. Library + neighboring park for play time afterwards. … Continue reading Day by Day: Week 2